High King Aruseus

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High King Aruseus was the first and only High King of the humans.

Life[edit | edit source]

High King Aruseus was born as the son of the cheif of the Untermem tribe and as such one of his tasks was to atempt to clear the mountains of the goblinoids after the Cataclysm. During one such operation he freed The High King of The Duradin from a group of Orcs and as a reward he gifted Aruseus, who held a weapon of great power and was determined to use it to unite humanity. He traveled from the north sea to the south rallying humanity to his cause and marched through the desert shattering seemingly endless Greenskin armies with his tactics and wisdom.

The Battle of the River Ind[edit | edit source]

Eventually, he and his exhausted forces came to a beautiful river (now known as the Ind). As they settled down to rest, they saw coming back through the desert a vast Greenskin army. He rallied his men for one more fight, and charged headlong into the oncoming goblinoids, coming straight out the other side. The victory was very close but after long hours of fighting, the soldiers of humans had won. The victory had been pyrrhic for Aruseus, however, as he had been stuck in the arm by an arrow. The best doctors spent days differing over whether to take it out of not before Aruseus pulled it out himself.

He lived, but was significantly weakened by his ordeal and had to be carried back to his home village, where despite the doctors insistence that he get early nights, lots of rest and drank a lot of water, he stayed up late plotting campaigns and drinking wine. He quickly got a sickness that slowly worsened over the week, and it became clear that he was going to die. His only living relative was his 3 year old cousin, and so his cavalry commander, Briskos, asked him to who he would leave his vast empire. Aruseus did his empire no favors with his next words for amongst groans of pain he managed to get out in a hoarse whisper, “To the strongest."