The Night Realm of Zuvinara

From Swords of Wrath
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The mere name of the dreaded night realm is enough to strike fear into even the bravest of human hearts (though not the stupidest as lions regularly demonstrate).

Very little is actually known about the dreaded night realm as few who enter or are born their ever leave alive but those who do quickly wither away from overexposer to dark magic and general fear. While they remain alive they tell of horrific castles radiating dark magic and evil counts who rule with an iron first that put's Leonese nobles to shame.

Zuvinara is not a united nation but rather a group of countships bonded together with a strong desire to stay alive. Their allegiances vary but sometimes a leader rises that is too powerful for them to ignore. Vampires of the same blood line will flock together and though their is a implicit rule against vampires attacking vampires this is not always followed. The strongest bloodline are the Valadavas who came from Tamia Valadava who was an outsider to Ichthor Mortimus and so all the more able to take his place after he fell.



Placed on the outskirts of the midnight forest on the far side to the tall towers, Vaskovo is the largest town in Zuvinara proper.


On the mouth of the blood river, Soultava is a town of sorts where the murkel wood river drained into the northern sea.