The Original Dimentions

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The Original Dimensions have existed as far back as anyone can reach but yet they did not exist at some point. They go as far as anyone can and yet they have an edge. They are the dimensions in which everyone exists and yet some can not see them. They only thing that came from outside is ether and even it is trapped here.

~A report into the nature of reality and the numerous ingenious methods through which wizards, warlocks and other users of magic investigate it

The original dimensions as they are known to magicians or the fourth and fifth dimensions as they are known to other people are strange things. Half dimensions, half an alternate plane of being all almost utterly incomprehensible even if you can find a wizard who will have a go at telling you.

The three dimensions in which humans exist in were created out of these other two by Gaia and Neptune. They are interwoven in a complex manner and while the distance from the bottom of the fifth dimension can be said to be roughly the same as the distance from the centre of Gaia, the fourth is more unpredictable being based upon two dimensions in the standard world and a factor that is more based upon a closeness that is imagined or even almost emotional. Though distance is present in these dimensions it does not exist in the way anyone living in the 'normal' ones would perceive it. To objects can touch even if they are a long way apart or can cohabit the same space and not be touching. Travel is instantaneous and yet it can take forever to move between two places which underlines another way in which it is different: time.

In the normal three dimensions time is often perceived as travelling at different rates depending on your emotional state especially by young children but in the Original Dimensions thinking can take place virtually instantaneously limited only by the travel time (time taken to move from one place to another) though 'super thinking' where a vast amount of processing is done to either calculate all possible outcomes or to find out what is going on everywhere was banned under god law and only permitted to be done by authorised gods as per The Holy Book of Communicating With Deities. As a result the only way to increase thinking speed is to have multiple thinkers in parallel.

As you have seen, The Original Dimensions is a place full of ideas where the fabric of reality is closer to emotion then physics. It is the place of æther and therefore all creatures based upon æther reside their such as spirits, deamons, and devils and their opponents archons, angles and gods. This makes it a perpetual arena of combat on an awe inspiring scale between the alignments of good and evil and law and chaos.

Denizens[edit | edit source]

Power Evil Good
Top Devil God
High Dæmon Angle
Medium Shade Spirit
Evil Neutral Good
Lawful The Grim, The Hectorate, and The Austere The Concordal Convention The Holy Authorities
Neutral The Oyster Club Those Forever The Upright Bridge
Chaotic Forshev The Flux The Banding

Although, as mentioned above, distance is meaningless, there is an informal agreement between the nations that the negative areas (the areas in the 'west') are for the evil creatures and the positive ones are good with neutral in the middle. In the olden days, before The Holy Book, the neutral and good regions were dominated by a group of independent gods who united together to keep evil in check but fought amongst themselves and opposed a much smaller loose confederation of evil gods known as The Oyster Club. As super thinking was then legal for all it was a time of constant flux and battle with gods regularly launching gambits into the material realms to gain more followers.

The came The Holy Book.

Good[edit | edit source]

The most powerful good creatures are often referred to as gods. They are the things which humans give part of their soul

The Concordal Convention[edit | edit source]

Those Forever[edit | edit source]

The Flux[edit | edit source]

The Grim, The Hectorate, and The Austere[edit | edit source]

The Hectorate is the tyrannical authority behind the great devilish empire in the negative of the original dimensions.

The Oyster Club[edit | edit source]

Forshev[edit | edit source]