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Short Stories

The woes of a thousand years

What happens when a drunken emperor staggers home from the new years day festival to find news of an impending orc attack?

In The (mid)Night Forest

180 years after the defeat of the last great Necromancer, something evil is stiring within the midnight forest.

Weapon of Earth

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'Ship Story'

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Ship Story is a piece of fictional travel writing about a voyage from Kanhosen to Athelron. It has just been finished (on 06.08.2020) and I will be releasing it shortly.

Update 26.12.2021: Okay, editing isn't particularly done and I'm thinking about releasing it through a magazine (and earning a few quid) instead. I think I'm titling it 'between men and elves'.

Update 25.07.2023: Still limited progress on the editing at present.