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Parts of souls can be given to a being (called a god) by believing in it via a form of channeling, however, it may be retracted. If the being does not exist yet it is created this way but if the newly created god is much like a previous god they can become a facet more powerful pre-existing god.

Gods die if no one believes in them any more and to become more powerful they have to act like politicians to gain more supporters while not losing they core base.

Communicating with Gods[edit source]

Although gods are omnipresent and able to here everything, mortals have used various techniques to try to get their message more prominent. Some, like using special sacred places, did benefit the gods but others are just nonsense. Then came The Holy Book of Communicating With Deities. It stated that their was a person who could become god's representative on earth who could then appoint people who appointed other people and so on. It came along with structures through which these people could communicate with gods and a list of appropriate gods to communicate with.

It was quickly adopted by governments who realized they could use it to control the flow of information to gods and ensure no one started worshiping the god of rebellions and the listed gods tolerated it as they guessed it would lead to more people worshiping them. The book quickly became dominant through government distribution, promises of a good afterlife if you accepted it and a bad one if you didn't (though this was entirely made up) and even punishment of people who did not believe in it.

The leadership began to deteriorate when Castile backed by Leon invaded The Holy States and took The Holy prisoner. After his death (which was widely held to be from malnutrition and untreated illness) they forced the conclave of Romulan bishops to elect a Leonese candidate Holy. A on going row developed between The Crown of Awegon and Castile over the involvement of the Castilians in Illia but never amounted to more than a few border skirmishes and for the most part The Republic of Scroy-Nory was unwilling to get into a skirmish with Leon over something so petty.

The next Holy boldly returned to Romula and was found dead shortly afterwards prompting the third election in just under 10 years. Their was uproar in Romula and to put a stop to a full out revolt The Conclave of Romulan bishops elected Mariet Kaisa. Mariet Kaisa quickly announced a plan of ambitious reforms which drew outrage from The Conclave who fled to Leon and elected a Leonese alternative.

8.4.918 Mariet declared Holy
17.5.918 Blaise Blanchet declared Holy
24.5.918 War erupts between Crown Awegon and Castile
25.5.918 The Knights of Aruseus side with Blaise Blanchet
27.5 Leon severs ties with Awegon
28.5 Summons issued for a Diet on the subject
30.5 The Tribes of Narlwage declare war on The Knights of Aruseus

Summons recived in Ausfenz

The League of Illian City States declares its support for Mariet but stops short of declaring the Blanchet was illigitamate.

1.6 Leon decleares war on The Tribes of Narlwage
2.6 Summons recived by The Leader of the Merchant's Guild

Summons recived by The North

Ausfenz declares support for Blaise

3.6 The North decares its support for Mariet
5.6 The Merchant's Guild issues the neutrality reaction which declared what they would campaign for which would become the great compromise.
6.6 The Preist Bishop of Ausfenz arives in Plietsdorf
7.6 The leader of the merchants guild arives in Pleitsdorf
9.6 Leonese forces begin to attack Awegonian ones
10.6 Phrase from the falling standard: The Newt Rack (the falling standard refered to the Neutrality Reaction as The Newt Rack).
11.6 The leader of the north arives in Pleitsdorf
12.6 The Awegonians attempt to triger the Mutual Defence Act but The North blocked it until it could get everything figured out

Phrase from the falling standard: Not Murder, MuDA

15.6 The League of Illian City States declares full support for Mariet and threatens to kick out Castile.
16.6 Castile quites The League of Illian City States

Castile declares war on The League of Illian City States

18.6 The North declares war on Castile.

Mariet's supporters try again to pass a declaration of war through the diet but it gets blocked this time by the smaller states.

19.6 Leon declares war on The League of Illian City States
20.6 Leon declares war on The North

Castile declared war on Awegon, The Knights of Aruseus declared their allegiance to Leon for the first time and last time in their history, Awegon kicked out The Knights of Aruseus, Leon severed diplomatic ties with Awegon. The Holy States announced an

Mariet alleged that The Holy (the gods' representative on earth) had become corrupt. She quickly gained popularity under The North which already had a slightly different holy book and was heralded as a new Holy. She adopted a number of reforms popular among the people (e.g. removing the need for a special language to communicate with gods and removing the need to speak to a priest about crimes). Most gods have managed to not be split by her actions but it lead to the declaration of war between Awegon and

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