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Entombed in these dusty, forbidden volumes, the dark art of Necromancery attempts to claw it's way out.

History[edit source]

The Origins of Necromancery[edit source]

In the populated areas of The Continent of Euphoria dark magic could never have arisen. The authorities would have halted it in it's tracks the moment they knew about it but in the less populated, wild northern areas of Achthal that was another matter. Villages were isolated, cut of from the out side world, and so every argument, every development was personal.

The doctors of that area began to experiment in using magic to bring the dead back to life and they succeeded, in part. The dead they raised became under their control making them the most powerful people in the village. Most of them used their new found power for good, using zombies to haul logs and make new buildings, but one Necromancer, Ichthor Mortimus, decided his new found powers had a better use.

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