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Pleitsdorf (previously known as Leris then Leits then Pleits) is the capital of The Confederation of Achthal.

History[edit | edit source]

The city of Pleitsdorf has a long and proud tradition, initially under the name of Leris then Leits then Pleits. It was the largest and oldest city in ancient Achthal making it the perfect starting point for Aruseus's empire and little wonder is that as its valley is endowed with rich volcanic soil that supported enough plant life for humans to live there permanently before the arrival of humans. However, Aruseus did not use it as his capital, instead prefering the warmer and more southerly city of Orion (now Reisedorf) in the little time he was around.

However, after he died, Reisedorf was sacked forcing the capital to be relocated to Leris which was shortly besieged. However, it proved to far for the Leonese to stretch and so Briskos was forced to withdraw from all of the land yet it remained the capital. It was renamed Leits when Wilburg took charge from the Rigoberto he decided the name was too 'Ilia' and renamed it Leits. It was shortly dubbed Pleits by the locals because the city was situated between two rivers.

Pleits was governed as part of a duchy that stretched over several 100 miles. Around 495 PA the duke drastically increased taxes, imposed a draft and several other unpopular policies and as a result the city was the base for several riots. To prevent being killed by rioters or having his palace damaged, the king granted limited independence to Pleits calling it a Dorf or Free City hence Pleitsdorf. The mayor that was elected dictated Leits Law which the city has remained governed by.

Government[edit | edit source]

Pleitsdorf is governed by Leits Law which governs most free cities. As a result it is governed by a Rat of 20 people which produces changes in the law. The day to day governing of the city is managed by 1 to 4 Burgomasters who are elected by members of the Rat which is normally done by a member introducing a vote to appoint themselves or another member a Burgomaster although if all of the Burgomasters are dead an emergency election is held with every willing member of the Rat on the ballot. Although the eldest of the Burgomasters has no special positioned enshrined in law he is regarded by foreigners and locals alike to be the leader.

Members of the Rat are appointed by a vote when a member resigns or dies. The list of candidates offered by the official guilds which is capped at one less candidate then the current number of members of the Rat by eliminating excess candidates by introducing a vote on each one. Although this can mean that the Rat stays at 19 or even 18 (or in exceptional cases as few as 9) members this rarely happens as the guilds are the last people to want uncertainty around government.

A pillar of Leits Law is the protection of equal rights for any free man of the city and the promise he will not be imprisoned except as permitted by the law and will not be owned.This right only applies to men and then only the ones over the age of 21