Airborne Cavalry

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Common mounts[edit | edit source]

Pegasus[edit | edit source]

Hippogryph[edit | edit source]

A hippogryph is a close relative of the gryphon with some dubbing it the 'demigryph' due to its lesser stature. It has the body of a horse rather than that of a lion but retains the eagle's wings and face.

Gryphon[edit | edit source]

While a hippogryph or a pegasus possesses a extreme level of beauty on their own they look like creatures flailing in water compared to the gryphon. It is sleek and elegant and majestic, soaring above the battle line and swooping down on all manner of foes. They are a status symbol, especially in Leon, as only the wealthiest can possibly afford even a single gyphon let alone enough to a squadron. They are the prize possessions of everyone from mercenary generals to wizard lords to elven princes. Only three gryphon wings exist in the world, the dignified and magisterial griffons of the queen of Athelron, The King's Highborn Griffons of Leon, and The Royal Imperial Griffons of Awegon which are owned by the King of Awegon and, by tradition, commanded the emperor of Achthal.