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Ahead, my friend, lies the world of Gaia where you may master the arts of magic, learn the way of the swords, become skilled with the bow, find great treasures and make a name for yourself as an adventurer.

The history of Gaia is long and bloody from the great elemental war to the rise of necromancery.
The Creatures of Gaia range from deadly monsters through cunning humanoids and 'mere' animals to creatures of undeath and those which herald deaths arrival.
Magic ranges from raw control of Æther through the use of Spells and gaining energy through channeling to the dark art of necromancery.
The World: Gaia, the world of Swords of Wrath
Enter this wonderful fantasy world.

The World: Gaia is the fantasy world and the setting for Swords of Wrath. In-depth and imaginative, medieval and yet sophisticated, filled with epic battles but also majestic landscapes you'll soon be wishing to was real so you could live there.


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The Queendom of AthelronThe Queendom of AthelronThe Citystate of KanhosenThe Realm of UsherwayThe Realm of UsherwayPleitsdorfRiesedorfThe Confederation of AchthalThe Tribes of NarlwageThe Kingdom of LeonThe Citystates of IliaThe Night Realm of ZuvinaraThe Night Realm of ZuvinaraArabi