The Citystate of Kanhosen

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Kanhosen is an Alran Kingdom located on the western most point of Leon.

History[edit | edit source]

The city was founded sometime before Aruseus during The Great Cataclysm when a group of Alran were instructed to cross the great sea to attack the Duradin but were struck by a continual storm for most of the voyage and shipwrecked on a near by peninsula. The survivors washed up on a nearby beach and built shelters out of the remains of their boats.

After several weeks their was an argument between one group that wanted to press on towards the Duradin and one group who wanted to stay and argued they were unprepared for a long trek. The argument developed into a fight and much of the equipment that had survived the shipwreck was destroyed. The Alran split up with one group setting off towards The Middle Mountains and the other group staying put to rebuild the settlement.

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

Leon[edit | edit source]

For a small elven city state located next to the capital of a large war like nation with a hatred for elves, Khanhosen has survived for a surprisingly long time. There are a number of factors for this but it generally stems from The Agreement. This, in short, says that Khanhosen will provided whatever naval assistance Leon needs and in return Leon will not build any ocean going ships. At the time of its signing, Leon had no ocean going ships and so this was an irrelevancy meaning it seemed to Briskos (who was at that time desperate for boats to ensure control of the coastal cities).

However this clause gave Khanhosen a virtual monopoly on vital coastal trade making them an integral part of Leon. And illustration of this came during the first elf war when the Kingdom of Leon refused of their own accord to use any Khanhosen ships. By the second year of the war, there had been a barely supressed uprising in Pathunca, a successful uprising in Glande, and the elves had captured Greganne. Even with the construction of inland transport projects like the Notmedana canal and the extension of the central road, coastal shipping remains vital to the kingdom.