The Land of Scurwage

From Swords of Wrath
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It is frequently debated which is coldest: The Land of Scurwage or its residents cruel calculating mind. It is certain enough, however, that the mention of either seems to suck all the warmth out of the room for both strike a chill to any sane mans heart. For, along with the normal haughtiness of the Alran, the residents of this cursed island have something much darker in their hearts.

History[edit | edit source]

During the attack of the atolantians upon the alran many Alran joined the cause of the Atolantians who after the attack on Alfheim fled to the north and setled upon and island they called Scurwage. They became increasingly evil and brooding and harboured and ancient grudge against the Alran of Æthelron.

They started to dump their dead near Æthelron hoping that the soles would haunt the residents of that island and when that did not work they turned to necromancery.