The Southern Lands

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If he was expecting Mul'Glath bay to be just another savage settlement it is because the biggest bit of baggage he took to the south lands is his own prejudices. The Tribes of The South, they have a culture he couldn't even begin to grasp. And Arabi? We have knowledge beyond his wildest imaginings. Those things you call cannons? We have cannons a hundred times bigger. We have cannons that could use your cannons as shrapnel! We have books too. All those books you think are lost to the ages, we have them and we have 10 times that of our own works. So before you use that waste of paper created by that ignorant half wit to call us savages ask yourself who the real savage is.

~Scholar from Arabi

The Southern Lands lie to the south of Euphoria on the far side of The Sheltered Sea. They are a land of much mystery coated by sand with the odd hill.

Nations[edit | edit source]

eJ[edit | edit source]

eJ was once a great nation, now it has mysteriously disappeared.

Arabi[edit | edit source]

Arabi, formally the sultanate of Arabi is a great land of learning to the south known for advanced science and mathematics.

The Garden of Jlarakh[edit | edit source]

Spoiler: This is a far away land. They are kept deliberately mysterious as residents of Euphoria do not know much about them.
After the two humans left, the combined elementals created a machine to rule over the valley known as the Regent Mechanitron. The Mechanitron was designed to be efficient. It was ruthlessly efficient. It is now also mad. Plot twists will ensue.

The Tribes of The South[edit | edit source]

Although not technically a nation, the primitive tribes of the south are the dominant or even only culture in the jungles of the south. Though the land is gradually being colonised by Arabi most of it has yet to be charted.

The Green Savar[edit | edit source]

The (Great) Green Savar is a plain in the east of The Southern Lands around 100 km across. This is not uncommon given that the land is made up of such flat pieces of land. What is extremely unusual is the fact that all the land is entirely covered by grass of some variaty.