The Tribes of Narlwage

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If you ride far enough to the north you come down off the middle mountains to a windswept plain where a sea breeze blows and never ceases and the sun can disappear for days on end while at other times it can remain in the skies for the same time.

The creatures here are strange two, giant wallowing leathery monsters without any legs and which appear out of the sea. They spend all their time on beaches fighting. The people are perhaps the best evidence that can be found for the hypothesis that we came from animals as they act and look much like the for mentioned monstrosities.

Unless you are driven to visit this godforsaken place keep well clear.

~The traveller's guide

History[edit | edit source]

Under the Treaty of Orion all of the army (save the cavalry) remained with Alberus and was sent to Leris (Now Plietsdorf). The elite troops that had formed Aruseus's bodyguard and were currently lead by Dreadalos were not happy with not being assigned their own chunk of land and even less happy with the lounging around that Alberus was doing.

They decided that they would go to Briskos and strike a deal with him and so they went to Adwinglor, walking through the great gates and up to the palace of kings where they knocked on the palace door. Eventualy they were greeted by a sevant who told them to wait. They waited even longer, had lunch and were about to pack up when Briskos appeared on a balcony above.

Quite what he said is subject to dispute but the most likely version is that he said something along the lines of "Grovel you peasants and I may yet give you land to farm". Dreadalos then said "Come down here and speak sensibly or we shall go back to Aruseus's land." Briskos then said "Go then as you do not want to here what you have to say.".

Dreadalos then gave the order to sack the marketplace, where they looted all manor of prize weapons and armour before Briskos released his household knights, catching them by surprise and hounded them out of the city. They fled fast back the the boarder with Aruseus's land, perused all the way by Briskos and his men, but the boarder guards refused to let them in.

At this point Dreadalos summoned his true corage and command of men and gave a great speech in which he said "We shall not be defeated. We shall not sit around here waiting to be slain by Briskos and his ilk. I know what we shall do and this is it. We shall go north and when we meet the sea we shall make boats." and that is what they did. They crossed the devils gap into Narlwage.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Remote and uninhabitable doesn't do Narlwage justice. The land almost fights anyone who wants to inhabit it. When it isn't snowing, sleeting or hailing its raining which is acompanied by almost perpetual cloud and regular mist. All land is consumed by the most intolerable and impenitrable form of snow, mountain or forest doted with the ocational marsh.

Their are few places where the populuce is concentradet and most people live in small fishing villages doted along the coast.