The dawning realization

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Referred to as the dawning realization by magic users, this peculiar property of magic is the main source of information about what happened before recorded history.

The growth of the dawning awakening[edit | edit source]

The knowledge comes to them gradually and often unevenly and if any new wizards attempt to describe it, it will seem even less clear. It takes the form of a sort of alternate vision much like a dream and like a dream it is navigated in a strange way. The vision will be most apparent at first when you are asleep as your brain will have no other input and will melt like a dream when you attempt to describe it. However it will start to leak into your consciousness steadily, this will initially seem like day dreaming and will often take place when you are somewhere dead boring (maths class for example). It may also lead to you seeing things as you can not yet separate reality from the dream. What happens next is something of a mystery. Some describe never waking up and merely controlling themselves as they wonder through an eternal dream while for others the worlds become separate visions which they can tap into as easily as they can see their hand in front of them.

The reasons for the dawning awakening[edit | edit source]

It is theorized that the dawning awakening comes from the knowledge which Æther possesses rubbing off upon it's users.