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Years (PA) Event
-4 Aruseus rescues The High King of The Duradin Realms.
-2 Aruseus rises to become chief of the Untermen
0 Aruseus dies after being shot by an arrow
1 Adwinglor is sacked.
  • Euphorion is killed.
  • The second conference at orion.
  • The league of vampire hunters is formed
  • The league of vampire hunters is rounded up and arrested by the Arusian army for lacking a royal charter to bear arms.
  • A monk sets off to the three corners of Aruseus's land to find someone to free the members of the league of vampire hunters. He is unsuccessful
  • The monk frees the vampire hunters himself and they flee to the west.
  • The arusian army arrives to investigate the disappearance of the vampire hunters but finds them long gone. They are about to leave but are told that a town courier has not reported in by the local authorities. The forces go back south after dispatching someone to investigate.
  • They arrive home only to be greeted with the news that Leonese forces seize the gold mine in the west of Aruseus's land. They are dispatched to take it back.
  • The forces of Aruseus's land dispatched to reclaim the mine find themselves heavily outnumbered and retreat back to base.
  • At the same time as they arrive the person sent to investigate the village reports that most of the village has disappeared. Worse the bit that remains is their flesh, bound up in a nice folder with text burnt into it even mocking the style in which government records are kept.
  • The king dispatches a messenger to the Knight's Templar in the east requesting their services which they grudgingly provide. They and the Arusian army are able to retake the gold mines. After that, the leader Arusian army along with two men at arms are dispatched to reconnoitre the vampiric forces.
  • Some way south of the midnight forest they find two travellers walking up the road. One has been injured (apparently by bandits) and the other one is helping him. The knight agrees to dispatch a man at arms to help them get to a safe location.
  • The knight and his remaining man at arms proceed up the road until they find a woman who has been beaten up (also apparently by bandits). With night fast approaching they decide to make camp there and help her as best they can.
  • The knight and the man at arms both start seeing things and the man at arms is dispatched to investigate while the knight keeps watch over the woman.
  • The woman turns out to be a vampire and casts a spell over the knight.
  • The knight and his men at arms return to the king with the woman who claims to be a noble trying to get to the court. There the vampire's influence grows until she controls almost all of the commanders of the army. However, the king has a stone which protects him from the vampire.
  • The Knight's Templar dispatches a messenger complaining about their eternal posting to a godforsaken wilderness.
  • The leader of the Knight's Templar is thrown in jail and the leader of the Arusian army is put in his place. The vampire starts to gain control of the upper ranks of the Knights Templar but doesn't get very far.
  • The leader of the Knight's Templar is freed from jail by the vampire hunters. They then order their mage to visit the king with advice on how to deal with vampires.
  • The king and the templar mage agree to a series of tests to determine whether or not someone is a vampire and are shocked to discover most of the upper ranks of the army are vampires.
  • The king pardons and summons the leader of the merchants guild in the west, the leader of the Knight's Templar in the east and the leader of the vampire hunters in the north to pleitsdorf where he requests their help in tackling the vampires. They respond with a list of demand and negosiations on a new form for Aruseus's land to take begin. It is to be called Achthal.
  • When the summonses were issued the vampire hunter leader dispatched his men to resume their fight. At the same time a force of Arusian knights left pleitsdorf. The two forces met and the knights dispatched a messenger to ask the king for advice.
  • The king was outraged and dispatched the messenger with the instructions to arrest the vampire hunters. However, the merchant delegation got wind of this plan and dispatched their own messenger.
  • When the knights came to arrest the vampire hunters they discovered that they were now part of the merchant guild defence force and on a legitimate mission, infuriated they were unable to do anything but dispatch another messenger to the king.
  • Seeking to get rid of the vampire hunters once and for all, the Arusian Military forces allied with them in a battle against the vampires. They drew up a combined plan that one force would head along the road while another shadowed it in the forest. The undead would see the first force and attack it while the second force attacked their flanks.
  • The army suggested that they play the role of the second force as the vampire hunters would look like exactly the kind of hapless force that the undead would attack while secretly planning to be 'delayed' allowing the undead to overrun the vampire hunters. On the other hand, the vampire hunters suggested they take on the woodland world sghting local experience.
  • In the end, the army won out. However, Ichthor Mortimus saw them coming, using a crystal eye. He deployed a force of zombies on the road to distract the vampire hunters while letting them think they were only fighting a small offshoot and at the same time deployed his newly created ghouls in the forest. The ghouls wrought havoc upon the soldiers who were ill-prepared to deal with them.
510 The defeat at the burning bridge.
620 The theft of the works of necromancery